The Inhuman Girls Unite!

*Spoilers abound!

This week’s installment of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (wrMoon-Girl-10-page-1itten by Amy Reeder and art by Brandon Montclare) featured a much-anticipated guest star — Ms. Marvel!! She came in, bold as brass and awesome to … break up a fight, help clean up and walk away?

Okay, so I was really hoping for more with Kamala’s appearance in Moon Girl, mostly because I love Ms. Marvel and I thought ‘hey, if anyone understands what Lunella’s going through, it’d be Kamala!’. Her whole appearance in this book was entirely underwhelming. In case you didn’t check it out, Ms. Marvel shows up and breaks up the fight between Kid Kree and Moon Girl at the end of the last issue. She calms them both down and then tries to get both of them to help clean up. Kid Kree, of course, bails and Lunella proceeds to fan girl over Ms. Marvel as they clean up. When Ms. Marvel leaves, she gives Lunella an old Avengers communicator (which Lunella does drool over) and then heads out. So no, I didn’t get everything I wished for in this little present, but at least the art was nice to look at!

Overall this was a very filler-type book. It finished up the first fight between Lunella and Kid Kree and provided some background information for the upcoming books. (Kree invasion, anyone?) We also get a glimpse at Marvin attempting to be nice to Lunella and when she brushes him off, you actually feel bad for him–until you find out that his attempt was a trick. Smooth Kid Kree, real smooth. Still, it’s been fun to see this story unfold and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Brandon Montclare does a spectacular job of penciling this beauty and I love how he depicted Ms. Marvel. Very pretty! He has a smooth style that lends itself well to a strong comic look without looking too cartoon-y or too realistic. The colors on this book are also incredibly gorgeous and is one of the reasons I keep coming back to Moon Girl. I’m a big sucker for pretty books, so sue me.

I’d rate Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur a solid 6/10 this week. It gets lower points because I wanted more Ms. Marvel and because not much happens so I was a little ho-hum, but hopefully things will pick back up next week. Still, check out this issue because it’s totally pretty! It won’t disappoint there at all!

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