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I think it’s safe to say that DC is back on track with “Rebirth.” Their universe — or should I say their multiverse — has returned to a model more aligned with what readers want and expect. So, now that we’re back to how things are supposed to be, I think it’s a fine time for The Main Man to be re-birthed. Most readers agree, especially fans of Lobo: the version from the “New 52” totally missed the mark. With all the love being shown to the rest of the DC universe of late, it’s about time Lobo got his fair share.

When the previous iteration of Lobo was launched in 2014, the character had fallen by the wayside. The title was far from its heyday back in the early 90s. The character was nothing more than an afterthought, with more appearances in other media like animated movies and video games rather than in the actual comics. Well, maybe not totally, but it seemed that way given how flat the comics fell. I would have to assume that the bigwigs at DC thought the character couldn’t support a big enough audience to maintain an ongoing series.

Why they would think such a thing escapes me, especially given how Deadpool is probably one of the most popular characters over at Marvel — and he is all about the humor. To me, a Lobo book should be very similar to Deadpool in the fact that they are both gritty, irreverent characters. And if there is one thing that Deadpool has proven, it’s that there is a fanbase out there for comics that don’t take themselves too seriously. I think the problem is that DC hasn’t made as strong a commitment to Lobo as Marvel has to Deadpool.

Although I’d prefer to see this last poser get gutted like a fish by the real Main Man, I would be OK with them simply pretending the last series didn’t even happen. But whatever happens, please don’t bring back that hack of a ham-fisted imposter. Lobo didn’t fall off of some European fashion runway; he’s a rough-and-tumble, cigar-chewing, hook-throwing, leather-clad, dreadlocked, bastich who is mean as hell and frags anyone in his way. That’s why I’m starting a petition to bring back the original Main Man. Follow the link below to an online petition to let DC know we want our Lobo back. — Bring Back the Original Lobo

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