Fall Movies That Might Not Suck

It’s that time again!

The last few weeks have offered very little downtime for me. When this happens, even if I watch a movie or television show, my mind tends to wander. The reason I mention this is because I realized I really don’t have anything to review, having disconnected from my critical eye for a bit. Instead, let’s peer into the future toward a few movies I am looking forward to this fall.


Blair Witch

Outside of the trailers that are available for this one, I have stayed away from any plot points or spoilers. I talked before about my love for The Blair Witch Project, so I am very interested to see out what seventeen years has done for this story. While I don’t expect it to have the genre-shattering effect of the original (love it or hate, it changed horror movies and film marketing in a big way) but I do hold out hope that it will at least be better than Blair Witch 2.


The Magnificent Seven

Will this remake of a classic suck? There’s a decent chance, though with the seven being led by Denzel Washington it just might be a sleeper. The trailers are entertaining, and it’s been a while since I watched a good, straight-ahead western without any sort of deconstructionism present. Here’s hoping that The Magnificent Seven changes that.


Rouge One

Otherwise known as that Star Wars movie directed by the guy who made Godzilla (Gareth Edwards), Rouge One looks promising. Set in the time frame of the original trilogy the trailers have already teased a Darth Vader appearance and, most exciting of all, Donnie Yen kicking Stormtrooper ass. Although I really liked The Force Awakens, the fact that Rogue One is a stand-alone film already has me more excited for it. And did I mention it has Donnie Yen kicking ass?


In the Valley of Violence

Ti West directed one of my favorite horror movies of the last decade, The House of the Devil, so it only makes sense that if he’s doing a western, I’m going to check it out. The fact that Ethan Hawke stars in this one as well as The Magnificent Seven leads me to believe that Ethan might be loving him some westerns, or at the very least loving the paychecks. Don’t know much about this one but I am hopeful that it will be good.


Bleed for This

Based on a true story, Bleed for This stars Miles Teller as boxer Vinny Paz. Paz had his neck broken in a car wreck and was told he might not walk, much less fight, again. Paz eventually returns to the ring for a successful comeback. The film also stars Aaron Eckhart and Katey Sagal.

This list is in no way meant to be comprehensive, nor is it meant to showcase movies I believe I will love. These are just the five films that pique my interest the most in a movie season that is normally pretty stacked. I might love them all, or I might hate them all, but either way I will try to weigh back in when I do watch them.

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