A Sneak Peek at EIR: Sci-Fi for All Ages

Contains Mild Spoilers For EIR

Writer: Ryan K Lindsay
Artist: Alfie Gallagher
Colorist: Triona Farrell
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
Publisher: Four Colour Ray Gun

I primarily know Ryan K Lindsay through his neo-noir work such as Deer Editor and CHUM, so I was fascinated when reading EIR, an all-ages sci fi one-shot. EIR explores part of the reason why children need comics. This gorgeously illustrated tale is a throwback to the more innocent days of superhero comics when escapist fantasies were accompanied by moral lessons.

But EIR is not just a lesson about morality, digging into themes of mortality as well. Lindsay throws you straight into the story when the young protagonist finds a talking helmet and embarks on a series of over-the-top adventures. The pacing alone gives one a clue that these hijinks might be the child’s way of empowering herself.

The adventures themselves are delightfully over-the-top and oddly innocent compared to today’s usual comic book fare. This is a world without unnecessary bloodshed, collateral damage, or dysfunctional relationships. Since we’re seeing the world through the eyes of a child, everything is fresh. Monsters can be beaten. The world can become a better place. Despite this, the heart of the story deals with a real life situation, something guaranteed to make any child feel powerless.

What makes the story so touching is the simplicity and sweetness of the conclusion. It ends with hope. Sometimes we don’t need to believe in monsters so much as to believe that we can defeat them.

The EIR Kickstarter launches next Tuesday, November 1st.


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