Kickstarter Spotlight: Endless Realms RPG


Endless Realms is a gorgeously illustrated tabletop RPG perfect for fantasy lovers and roleplaying enthusiasts alike.

The main stage for the lore of Endless Realms is set in Lumis, a world in the Corporeal Realm. Previously subject to a long series of migrations from other realms, Lumis has been variously populated by settlers, invaders, and wanderers that make up its richly diverse ecosystem, including the nine races that have given rise to the world’s most successful civilizations. The world has also attracted many spirits, ethereal beings that freely interact with mortals, sometimes positing themselves as deities. These spirits seek out the bountiful energy that flows through Lumis, and their actions have greatly influenced the history of the world.

With the exception of humans, the nine major races of Lumis depart from the tropes often found in tabletop RPGs.  Here, you won’t find dwarves and elves; you’ll find Dengu, Sileans, and Al’Miren. Each race has a long history that contributes to the tangled web that brought Lumis to its modern day. Some were explorers; some were invaders; and some were caught in the crossfire. Endless Realms also features unique classes like the Animancer, and puts a new spin on familiar faces like the Knight.


Endless Realms is simple enough for new players to pick up in a fraction of the time one would expect from a tabletop RPG, but has enough depth to engage even the most grizzled veterans of the genre. The Balance System, a D10-based system that game developers crafted from the ground up, puts thoughtful decisions and roleplaying on par with stat choices and die rolls. Every action or event represents an interaction between two forces and two dice – one from the player, and one from the Game Master. This gives GMs the tools to build compelling challenges based on social interaction, combat, and exploration, and rewards players for coming up with creative solutions.

The Endless Realms RPG Kickstarter runs until May 29.

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