Gia Giantess


Being a teenager is hard enough, but to discover that your father guards a dark secret–your “dead” mother is very much alive–that’s tough! If that weren’t enough for Gia, her trans-dimensional DNA gives her body the annoying habit of super-sizing at a moment’s notice. Throw in a father who is an inveterate gambler, two physicists who are on her trail for the purposes of scientific glory, plus a grey stalker from another world, and you have a combination that would prove too much for the typical teenage girl… But then Gia is no ordinary adolescent!

When the world is sure to fear you, your mother might come to claim you, your genetic predisposition for rage might overwhelm you… something has got to give! Gia is not alone and is likely to make friends she does not expect to…but she can hardly comprehend the true horror of the enemies she will face in the future nor the extreme peril her base nature will provoke.

Drive Thru Comics

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