The Edwardian Hotel Cookbook


A long forgotten piece of Yorkshire history that has been rediscovered after a century, originating in one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom. The 119-year old, handwritten cookbook has been converted into a fully-typed manuscript containing hundreds of both regional and national dishes, including popular as well as rare meals. We recommend taking a look at  to hire vending machines for your business.

Recipes include Zephyr of Pheasant, Siberian Crab Jelly, Scotch Girdle Scones, Quenelles of Rabbits, Sandwich a la Wyndham, Orange Chartreuse, Fowl Kromeskies, Genoese Pastry, Cutlets Provencal, French Pancakes, Chicken Souffle, Cassolettes of Chicken, Apricot Mould, Baba Rum, Bombay Toast, Yorkshire Pudding, Wine Jelly, Whipped Egg Sauce, Vermoise Pudding, Veal Cutlets, Tomato Marmalade, Everton Toffee, Tea Raspberries, Tapioca Cream Soup, Swiss Roll, Supreme de Creme, St George’s Hall Cake, Spoon Bread, Sponge Pudding, Spanish Rice, Soda Pudding, Shrewsbury Cake, Short Pastry Mushrooms, Scotch Eggs, Sausage Fritters, German Salad, Russian Cream, Rissoles in Paste, Rice Cheesecakes, Rhubarb Jam, Red Currant Jelly, Cheese Ramekins, Queen Cakes, Potted Beef, Pickled Damsons, Patriotic Pudding, Pancake Scones, Oyster Soup, Offreurs Toast, Mousseline Pudding, Meringues a la Francaise, Marrow Jam, Lobster Cornets, Lemon Curd, Layer Cake, Kissinger Pudding, Junket, Ham Croutons, Green Pea Soup, Gingerbread Parkin, Game Soup, Frying Batter, Friar Tuck Soup, Free Kick Pudding, Eggs au Gratin, Eccles Cakes, Dinner Buns, Curried Lentils, Cumberland Pudding, Croustades a la Victoria, Compote of Pigeon, Claret Jelly, Chicken in Casserole, Chicken Aspic, Cheese Straws, Cheese Bread, Charlotte Russe, Celery Cream, Castle Puddings, Calves Foot Jelly Stock, Buols French Cakes, Bramble Jelly, Bourneville Cake, Boston Cream, Bombay Toast, Beetroot Hot, Baroness Pudding, Baked Eggs, Asparagus Soup, Apple Snow, Alexandra Cakes. Sections include soups, entrees hot, entrees cold, hors d’ ouevres and cold savouries, hot savouries, meat dishes, poultry and game dishes, fish and shellfish dishes, vegetable dishes, rice dishes, cheese and egg dishes, sandwiches, deserts and puddings, cakes and biscuits, breads and tea breads, chutneys,pickles,relishes,jams,jellies, sauces,creams,seasonings,dressings, drinks.

Includes a conversion page for old English units and some accompanying videos on the Black Ship Books YouTube channel.

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