The New Manic Bible


Intended as a companion piece to Moving Memoirs of a Manic Messiah, this unedited and complete manuscript offers an enticing glimpse into the world of the manic thinker. Semiotic arousal, stream of thought consciousness, interconnectedness, multiple depths read into seemingly innocuous surface detail — these are the symptoms of a manic mind. These are the fascinating aspects of The New Manic Bible, running at a fast and intricate pace through subjects such as the nature of knowledge, history, time, the self, the nature of existence, faith and belief, and universal knowledge. Thinkers thrown into the mix of philosophy and mysticism are Einstein, Kuhn, Capra, Freud, Jung, Lucilius, Darwin, Dawkins, Democritus, Jesus Christ, Hegel, Taylor, Thales, Anaximander, Anaxagoras, Aristotle, Plato, Descartes, Saint Augustine, Pythagoras, Protagoras, Eigend, Averroes, Galileo, Spinoza and Leibniz.