F3, Week 69: Let’s Stir up Some Drama


Prompt by Joyce Juzwik

One definition of drama is ‘an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.’ This week, we want you to choose a starter sentence and let the drama flow.

Prompt: Begin your story with one of the following sentences:

  1. He knew if he told them the truth, they would turn against him.
  2. She ran away quickly, hoping none would follow.
  3. They decided to leave the door unlocked in case it showed up.
  4. The letter revealed a shocking secret.
  5. No one in town wanted to accept the free tickets.

Genre: Drama

Word Count: 1,500 or less

Deadline: December 22, 2016

Post your story on your blog or website and provide a link to it in the comment section of this prompt.

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